Corporate Social Responsibility

- Pollution Control Measures have been undertaken. Fire Safety System have been Installed.

- Sensitive group believes that our social responsibility and our commit-
ment to healthier environment reflect our character.

                    Safe Business
is a successful business

About Us

Sensitive Industries was established in 1968 by Shri Gordhanbhai Jalavadia and his brothers.
The company manufactures Diesel Oil Engines and Pumpsets under the famous brand names Satyajeet,
Sonet and Imex.

Apart from the above Sensitive group of Industries also Manufactures Grey Cast Iron, Submersible Pumps,
Electrical lamination Stampings, building hardware and bathroom fittings. The group is also involved in
CNC/VMC Workshop producing special industrial components.

Following in the footsteps of their elders Shri Amrit Jalavadia (AMUBHAI) and his brothers founded the ultra modern and
unique foundry exclusively for Ductile Iron(S.G. Iron) Castings in 2006 on a 8200 sq. yard area in the industrial
part of Rajkot city.

The daily operations at the foundry are managed by our expert team. The highly competent team caters to
specific customer requirements to produce exceptional Ductile Iron Casting Solutions.

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